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Re: Problem with 'cvs login'

René Berber wrote:

> But the point is: is Cygwin's port of CVS different than the regular CVS we use
> under UNIX?  The difference being that under Cygwin you must create your own
> repository password file (I use cvsadmin, a separate program, to do that BTW).

The CVS that is packaged with Cygwin is the same CVS that is standard on
all unix systems, as far as I know.  What I don't know is if 'fallback'
authentication works.  If you have a valid /etc/passwd file, and the
user/password combination exists as a valid Windows user with that
password, then it ought to.  But, if CVS is looking to find a crypted
password in /etc/passwd then it won't work, because that's not how
windows stores passwords.

If it doesn't, then you'll have to create a CVS passwd file and use the
'crypt' utility to get the crypt()-ed password.  The reason I
recommended ssh was that I know for sure that its authentication works
fine against the windows users and their passwords, so using it would be
both more secure and easier to setup (no duplication of accounts between
windows users and CVS passwd.)  But, if you don't want cvs users to map
onto actual users, then using CVS passwd would be better.


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