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Re: Problem with 'cvs login'

"Rancier, Jeff" wrote:
> I want to provide access to the respository remotely and for other users.
> No,  while reading the FAQ, I was under the impression it would be created
> the first time, just use mkpasswd?  Didn't know all that, that's for the
> info.

If you are providing write (commit) access then you should not use
pserver, it sends passwords in plaintext.  Use ssh.  It's even simpler
to setup because sshd uses the built in windows user accounts, whereas
CVS pserver requires you to maintain a seperate set of accounts.

I think you're confusing the two passwd files.  One is /etc/passwd which
is created by the Cygwin command mkpassd, and should be created
automatically when you first log on after installing Cygwin. This is the
standard unix passwd file and is used by many commands.

The CVS passwd file is $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/passwd and is a completely
different file, with a different format, that is only used by CVS.  You
must create and maintain this file yourself.  Section of the CVS
manual tells you all about this.


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