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Re: installation

At 02:48 PM 4/26/2005, you wrote:

>Hello !
>I was installing the full package of cygwin,65% of it 
>had been finished,at that time computer because of a
>outer reason restarted so connection cut off.
>What will I do?
>start istallation from the zero position,from the
>beginning?That is,redownload first 65% of full
>packages and then the other part?
>Or,reinstall option next to the "all" is usefull for

No, just rerun 'setup.exe' and tell it you want to install
all packages.  It will download only those that it has not 
completely downloaded already.

>If not,"reinstall option" about packages is used for
>what?For which conditions it is used?

Usually this is only necessary when a package (or installation) has been
"damaged" somehow so that starting over makes sense.  It's essentially
equivalent to uninstalling the package (or installation) and then installing
it again.

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