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Re: Hello, and installation question

Ugh.  Top posting.  Reformatted.

On Tue, 26 Apr 2005, Hans Horn wrote:

>  Jesper Vad Kristensen wrote:
> > Mills wrote:
> >
> >> My question: I need to install Cygwin on systems with no net access
> >> and am having problems building a CD fileset from which to install on
> >> other machines.
> >
> > Just a quickie, gotta run :)
> >
> >
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Jesper Vad Kristensen
> > Denmark
> Hi Jesper,
> If I follow the instructions on the line you provided below, and burn a
> CD with that custom installation, what do users have left to do to get a
> working installation on their machine? Just copying from the inst CD to
> a local drive would not suffice, would it?


Unless you want to replicate some specific directory structure in addition
to package versions (and even then -- see below), it's best to create a CD
with the installation tarballs of the packages you need, a copy of
setup.exe, a setup.ini, and the custom installed.db.  You can then add a
batch file that copies installed.db to c:\cygwin\etc\setup (after
checking, of course, that Cygwin is not already installed), and runs
setup.exe (possibly in unattended mode).  Unless you let setup do its
magic and install everything from scratch, there are just too many
possible things you'll need to patch up...  If you do want extra
directories in your installations, just have the batch file copy those
directories over after setup.exe is done.

If you do choose to do it the hard way (copy from CD and manually patch up
stuff), the three places I can think of right away are a) the mount table,
b) the /etc/passwd and /etc/group files, and c) the /etc/services,
/etc/hosts, /etc/protocols, and /etc/networks symlinks.  For a), you'll
need to run "mount -m > restore_mounts.bat", copy restore_mounts.bat to
the CD, and have the user run it (but beware -- the -X flag is not
faithfully reproduced by "mount -m").  For b) and c), it's probably best
to just remove those files and re-run and, respectively (both of them are in /etc/postinstall).
Again, I may be missing some things, so pick the latter approach at your
own risk.
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