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Re: create installation using installed.db


I guess you are referring to
I'll give that a whack.

If I follow the instructions from that posting, and burn a CD
with that custom installation, what do users have left to do to get a
working installation on their machine?
Just copying from the inst CD to a local drive would not suffice, would it?


Brian Dessent wrote:
> Hans Horn wrote:
>> I'd like to create a distribution media that allows my group to do
>> custom offline installations of cygwin.
>> I want this distribution to contain EXACTLY what is currently
>> installed on a master machine, plus ALL the corresponding src
>> packages.
>> Now, I know that I can have setup to just download stuff to a local
>> directory.
>> However, doing that interactively is such a braindead task, so I was
>> hoping that there's a simpler way.
>> Can I use setup in unattended mode to do exactly what I've described
>> above? Perhaps using the information it finds in
>> /etc/setup/installed.db on the master machine?
> I don't have a link handy, but if you search the archives you'll see
> this was asked at least 3 times in the last 6 months, and several
> methods of approaching it were described.
> Brian 

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