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Re: scp/ssh between two cygwin installations very slow

Bernhard Ege wrote:
I am trying to copy an 800MB file from my pc to my laptop. The pc has cygwin and cygwins sshd running and from the laptop I use the scp command to copy the file.

Result: 190kB/s with low (1-5%) cpu usage on both machines.

Expected result: at least 2-3MBps with somewhat higher cpuusage on both machines.

Doh. I completely forgot that in my .ssh/config I had ssh call a script using the ProxyCommand. That command is a shell script that detects which network I am connected to (company or my own) and uses a tunneling ssh command to the destination if on the company network or a direct connection using "connect" if on my own network.

The connect command is a fairly simple program that redirects stdin/stdout to a host:port. This way, I can either use a ssh to host:port if tunneling is required to connect to host:port if not.

The problem is that cygwin has a very low throughput using the script with the connect command. I guess it could be related to the slow pipe problem mentioned earlier (but was supposedly fixed).

I have tried without the ProxyCommand and the speed returned to an acceptable 1.5MBps.

I hope Cygwin can be fixed so the speed returns to normal :-)


Bernhard Ege

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