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Re: Cygwin with Gcc-3.2?

"Brian Dessent" wrote:
> Reiner Suikat wrote:
>> This may seem like an odd question: Where can I get a Cygwin distribution
>> with gcc-3.2? The rason I am asking this:
>> I am running octave, and all versions compiled with 3.3 are terribly 
>> slow,
>> loop execution is more than 10 times slower than a very old Windows 
>> octave
>> binary available from sourceforge. My question in the mailing list was
>> answered with that the reason is something that changed from gcc-3.2 to 
>> 3.3
>> and I should complain to the gcc people. They also pointed me to an
>> available old distribution using gcc-3.2, but it lacks a lot of the
>> packages.
>> So, what options do I have to get a Cygwin with gcc-3.2?
> The Cygwin package of gcc 3.2 used dwarf-2 exception handling, which is
> much faster than setjump/longjump (sjlj).  However, the dwarf-2 EH does
> not work when one uses it with the win32 api in the presence of callback
> functions and stdcall calling conventions.  This caused problems for
> mingw users.  So from 3.3.3 onward, the Cygwin gcc packages use sjlj.
> This is all covered in the archives, e.g.
> <>.
> For the purposes of octave, dwarf-2 EH would probably work since I doubt
> it uses any win32 callbacks.  So, it's not the version of gcc that
> matters, it's the options that it's configured for.  Rather than hunting
> around for some antique gcc package, just get the source package for the
> current gcc and rebuild it to not use sjlj.

Hmm, sorry for hi-jacking the thread, but that means if I use GCC 4.0.0 that 
I have compiled myself and I use the Win32 API I should have configured gcc 
with --enable-sjlj-exceptions in order to avoid problems, right? I didn't so 
I guess I have to re-compile.
To the OP: Building your own version of GCC under Cygwin is easy (I've done 
so since the GCC 3.3.* days, can't speak for the earlier versions), you just 
have to be more careful about the configure options than I have been!

/ Mikael 

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