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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New: perl-Win32-GUI-1.0-2

zzapper schrieb:
On Tue, 19 Apr 2005 17:05:11 +0200 (CEST), wrote:
I've added perl-Win32-GUI-1.0-2 to cygwin

Win32::GUI is a Win32-platform native graphical user interface toolkit for
perl, which was formerly included in perl-libwin32, and is now available
as seperate package.

Basically, it's an XS implementation of most of the functions found in
user32.dll and gdi32.dll, with an object oriented perl interface and an
event-based dialog model that mimic the functionality of visual basic.

Runtime requirements:

Project Homepage:

some doc

Besides, as stated in the README
to get the good old docs and much more older examples (some not working) than those provided by 1.0, you'll have to download an older tar.gz or ppm by Aldo.

Recommended is also the mailinglist,
and for some nice apps.

GridLayout was fixed recently, but not yet released.

Also note that PAR'ified exe's may not use pod2usage for the About or Help window, because $0 is a binary and Pod::Usage can not deal with compiled scripts (par, perlapp, perl2exe, ...) yet. But this another "Baustelle".

Reini Urban

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