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RE: Wrong PATH and other env after starting bash

----Original Message----
>From: david.balazic
>Sent: 22 April 2005 16:12

> Dave Korn wrote :
>>> Maybe I deselected something important.
>>  Yes, you probably did.  Like base-passwd, for example.
> No I did not. As I already said, base-passwd was installed. At
> least setup.exe claimed that, when I run it the second time.
> Besides, now I reinstalled base-passwd and have a good /etc/passwd

  No, you don't.  If all your files are listed as having group ownership
"mkgroup_l_d", that means that the /etc/group file is bad.  Since
base-passwd creates that as well, it means /etc/passwd is probably no good

  Are you in a windows domain?  The default setup only creates local machine
accounts in /etc/passwd and /etc/group.  If you're logged in as a network
user it won't know who you are.  That could be the problem.
> The question is : How do I get an /etc/profile file ?

  It's created by the first run, from /etc/defaults/etc/profile, part of the
base-files package.  If this hasn't run, something went very wrong with your
install.  Your best bet at this stage would be to re-run setup.exe, and just
click all the way through to the package selection; choose "Reinstall" next
to the "All" category, don't click anything else, and let it go.  That
should fix you up with a consistent set of packages.

  If that still doesn't work, you're going to need to get your cygcheck
output and post it **as an attachment** to the list; see

> Also note, that /etc/skel is empty.

  AYS?  All the files in /etc/skel begin with a full stop.  If you dont use
the -a option to ls, you won't see them.

> PS: Message is not properly linked to the previous in the thread,
> as I am not subscribed and read from the archive at :
> , which does not have a REPLY button.

  You could try the newsreader-based interface at  Or subscribe.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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