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Re: gcc 4.0 and 3.3 at the same time?

Jason FU wrote:

> > Asking just out of curiosity: how are you affected by the simple
> > to install multiple versions off gcc? If you want just one version of
gcc on
> > your system, isn't installing just one version of gcc an option for
> >
> > BTW: On my Linux box, I have installed both gcc 3.3.5 and gcc 3.4.
> > at most one of them is doing some work at a given time.
> I think GCC is a reliable tool. We don't need to have the old version to
> co-exist for chaos.

Please don't include me in "we".

> If you worry that GCC 4.0 doesn't work properly, why don't
> you wait for a while for people's comments?
> With multiple versions of the same
> development tool, you'll have infinite nightmares for your code.

You know, there is also third party code, too. And sometimes it just won't
work with a different compiler.

There are also some systems that won't upgrade g++ anytime soon.
Developing your own code for such system is much easier when you have the
same version of compiler and libraries.

Krzysztof Duleba

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