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RE: Newbie question: What is EOF for stdin?

Windows programs often like ^Z as EOF.

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Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2005 2:45 PM
Subject: Newbie question: What is EOF for stdin?

First of all I apologize if this was answered somewhere else, but I
didn't find it.  I tried searching Google, the archives
and the user guide, but none of these had the answer.

My question is (I think) simple: what is the shell key combination for

I am running a program - CRM114 - that was compiled for Windows, but it
is in my cygwin path (/usr/bin).  This program expects me to type in
some text and, when I'm ready for CRM114 to process it I am supposed to
hit the EOF keyboard combination.  I tried ^D (control D) but this
didn't seem to work.  Should ^D work?  Is there something else I can try
to use for EOF?

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