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Re: No libintl.jar in gettext-0.14.1-1

On Thu, 21 Apr 2005, Charles Wilson wrote:

> daniel.steinmann@XXX.XXX wrote:


> > The document /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/gettext-0.14.1.README tells me it
> > should be around. Are there any reasons why this jar is not available in
> > 0.14.1?
> Yep.  It barely worked in 0.12.x, by dint of some kludgy wrapper scripts
> around Sun's jdk javac.  In 0.14.1, my kludgy scripts didn't work, mainly
> because Bruno changes the gettext build process on <comicbookguyvoice> Every.
> Single. MicroRelease.
> Since java use on cygwin is fairly limited, I released the "rest" of 0.14.1
> instead.  It's been almost a year now and yours is the first complaint, so
> that was apparently the correct decision.
> But I forgot to update the docu.
> I'll make another stab at the java gettext support on a future release; with
> gcj coming along, I may, at that future date, be able to build it with
> all-cygwin tools instead of using silly wrappers around native tools -- which
> would be a lot easier.


Any reason why it doesn't make sense to use the wrappers from
Or are those the wrappers you talked about?
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