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Re: apache 1.3.33-1 - rebase problem still existing (3)

Rainer Kirsch wrote:

> I did a rebaseall (log is attached) and rebooted.

It's really annoying when you start a new thread for each reply.  Do you
think you could just reply to each post instead?  It helps the archives
as well as those trying to help you.

> Now no process is coming up after (instead of one):
> $ net start apache
> CYGWIN apache wird gestartet........
> CYGWIN apache konnte nicht gestartet werden.
> Sie erhalten weitere Hilfe, wenn Sie NET HELPMSG 3523 eingeben.
> $ NET HELPMSG 3523
> *** konnte nicht gestartet werden.

Okay, the service doesn't start.  I'm still not clear though as to why. 
In your last email you seemed to imply that the service starts but
cannot fork because of the rebase problem.  Are you still getting the
"cannot remap" errors in the log files, or is it something else?  It
would be helpful to delete all the apache log files and restart the
service to make sure that whatever messages are there are not from a
previous run.  Also, check for messages in the windows event log.

In other words, it's still not clear as to if your problem is due to
rebasing (in which case usually the service will start successfully but
it cannot fork() and cannot serve any requests) or whether it's
permissions-related (in which case the service won't start at all.)

> /usr/lib/apache/mod_access.dll: 6fa00000
> ...
> /usr/lib/apache/mod_vhost_alias.dll: 6f5f0000

The rebasing is working properly.

> the user settings of /etc/apache/httpd.conf read
> User apache
> #Group #-1

I assume that you have created a windows user called 'apache', yes?


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