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Re: Reading "raw" disk greater than 1 terabyte

Well, "Anonymous" was right, I just didn't read your mail further after
I saw the usage of \\\\.\\physicaldrive1,  I apologize.

I never heard of such a 1TB border which would result in problems.
However, due to the lack of such a big drive, I can't debug that, obviously.

On Apr 13 18:47, Loh, Joe wrote:
> Same command but using /dev/sdb instead:
> $ dd if=/dev/sdb ibs=1024 skip=1610612600 count=10 | od -x
> dd: reading `/dev/sdb': Invalid request code
> 0+0 records in
> 0+0 records out
> 0000000

What's weird here is that the "Invalid request code" is never generated
manually by Cygwin, but only when some Windows call returns the error
code ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION.  So it's a Windows function which chokes.

Could you please run the above dd under strace and send the strace output
to this list?  Perhaps that helps to track this down.  


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