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Re: does not work : change /cygdrive to / (Attn: documentation patch)

"Patricia J. Hawkins" wrote:

> I gather it was an accidentally introduced bug?  My inference that it
> was an intended change, which unexpectedly changed the visible
> filesystem structure (added to the time I spent wading through
> archives, doc, and system changes) is a good bit of what ticked me
> off.
> Anyway, I think the mount doc needs clarification.  Having different
> mount points for the user and for the system is unexpected, and it's
> also not clear from the doc that in cygwin, the user mount points
> take precedence over the system mount points.

The 'mount' system has always had user mode mounts and system mode
mounts from day one.  And, as far as I know, it has always been the case
that user mode mounts take precedence over system wide mounts if the
same path is mounted both ways.

The only thing that we're actually talking about here, as far as I can
tell, is the cygdrive prefix.  Until 1.5.14, it did not work the same
way as normal mounts in that you could not override a system mode
cygdrive prefix with a user mode cygdrive prefix.  This was fixed, so
that the whole user/system distinction worked consistently for all
mounts.  (And, it was mentioned in the release notes for 1.5.14.)

The documentation about the mount table[1] does explain that there are
both system and user mounts.  It however does not explicitly say that
user mode mounts override system mode mounts.  If anything, it would be
good to perhaps add a sentence or two along those lines.

Also the documentation for 'mount' regarding cygpath[2] does say that by
default you are modifying the systemwide cygdrive prefix, but it does
not say that if you have a user mode cygdrive prefix it will take
precedence.  That too might benefit from clarification.

I have attached a patch to the documentation that clarifies these two
locations.  I ask that those that know more about Cygwin than I review
the change to make sure I didn't say anything misleading.



"The mapping is stored in the current user's Cygwin mount table in the
Windows registry so that the information will be retrieved next time the
user logs in. Because it is sometimes desirable to have system-wide as
well as user-specific mounts, there is also a system-wide mount table
that all Cygwin users inherit. "


"Note that if you set a new prefix in this manner, you can specify the
-s flag to make this the system-wide default prefix. By default, the
cygdrive-prefix applies only to the system-wide setting. You can always
see the user and system cygdrive prefixes with the -p option. "
Index: utils/utils.sgml
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/winsup/utils/utils.sgml,v
retrieving revision 1.51
diff -u -p -r1.51 utils.sgml
--- utils/utils.sgml	24 Feb 2005 04:32:45 -0000	1.51
+++ utils/utils.sgml	20 Apr 2005 06:20:38 -0000
@@ -729,9 +729,11 @@ set the automount prefix to <filename>/<
-<para>Note that if you set a new prefix in this manner, you can
-specify the <literal>-s</literal> flag to make this the system-wide default 
-prefix.  By default, the cygdrive-prefix applies only to the system-wide setting.  
+<para>Note that the cygdrive prefix can be set both per-user and system-wide, 
+and that as with all mounts, a user-specific mount takes precedence over the 
+system-wide setting.  The <command>mount</command> utility creates system-wide 
+mounts by default if you do not specify a type.  Use the <literal>-s</literal> 
+or <literal>-u</literal> flag to indicate a system or user mount, respectively.
 You can always see the user and system cygdrive prefixes with the 
 <literal>-p</literal> option.  Using the <literal>-b</literal>
 flag with <literal>--change-cygdrive-prefix</literal> makes all new 
Index: doc/pathnames.sgml
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/winsup/doc/pathnames.sgml,v
retrieving revision 1.18
diff -u -p -r1.18 pathnames.sgml
--- doc/pathnames.sgml	6 Mar 2005 02:46:54 -0000	1.18
+++ doc/pathnames.sgml	20 Apr 2005 06:20:39 -0000
@@ -47,7 +47,9 @@ v&lt;version&gt;"
 where &lt;version&gt; is the latest registry version associated with
 the Cygwin library (this version is not the same as the release
 number).  The system-wide table is located under the same subkeys
-under HKEY_LOCAL_SYSTEM.</para>
+under HKEY_LOCAL_SYSTEM.  The user mount table takes precedence over 
+the system-wide table if a path is mounted in both.  This includes the
+setting of the cygdrive prefix.</para>
 <para>Since Windows uses drive letters instead of a single filesystem
 root, the POSIX root <filename>/</filename> must be set to a directory

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