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Re: sshd problems

Hi, John!
Of course thanks againn!

So, let's start. this time you asked

- From your data it appears that you can ssh to the 
localhost which means your sshd server is 
- running.  However, you can't connect to your localhost 
from the Linux machine; the connection 
- times out.  Your other examples all look like they are 
connections from the localhost to other 
- machines, which all appear to work.
- Is this a Windows XP machine with Service Pack 2 
installed?  Have you opened up the firewall 
- to allow port 22 through?  If not, that explains 
your problem.  Port 22 is blocked by default.
- The firewall won't block ssh connections originating 
from your localhost to other machines.  
- That would be consistent with the data you've shown.

Yes, it's a Windows XP machine with Service Pack 2 installed.

I added an exception for port 22 in Firewall options; anyway 
I could have done some mistakes so I ask you to explain me, 
please, the correct procedure to allow foreing incoming 
through port 22.

best regards

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