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Re: Installation problems

George Sohos wrote:

> To answer the questions that where asked in that thread:
> * I downloaded the executable that is attached to the link on
> * I do not know what is the version of this executable. There is nothing obvious
> indicating a version in the executable itself. I checked through the dependency
> walker, ran ./setup.exe -version (and all the variants) but nothing was reported
> back. Running strings on it didn't help either.
> The best I can do is tell you the md5 checksum of the file I downloaded:

The version number is displayed when you run setup, on the first page of
the wizard.  But, as long as you are using a recent version you should
be fine, as setup.exe does not change that often.

> > (null) line 1: synatx error, unexpected LT, expecting $end

This means that the setup.ini that setup was trying to read could not be
parsed correctly.  Check the setup.log for any messages, and inspect the
setup.ini that it downloaded (look in the subdirectory corresponding to
the name of the mirror under the "download location".)  A valid
setup.ini normally begins:

# This file is automatically generated.  If you edit it, your
# edits will be discarded next time the file is generated.
# See for details.
setup-timestamp: 1113526806
setup-version: 2.457.2.1

(don't worry about the setup-version string, that just specifies the
minimum setup version that is required to read it.)

It could be that for some reason the setup.ini that is being downloaded
in your case is being mangled, perhaps by some proxy server or other
software that the packets pass through.


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