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Re: Installing Courier-Imap

Kees Vonk wrote:

> noinst_PROGRAMS=@makedatprog_target@

Try this instead:



The way to debug this is to look at the generated Makefile and find
places where a "*_programs" refers to something without .exe on the end.

> for file in $(ls -l | grep ^d | cut -c45- | grep -v cache)

Oh man, that's hideous.  You should never assume that the output of ls
has any particular columns.  Much better would be "find . -mindepth 1
-maxdepth 1 -type d" or even something like "for F in *; do if [ -d $F
]; then cd $F; ... cd ..; fi; done".

>     cd $file
>     touch AUTHORS
>     touch ChangeLog
>     touch NEWS
>     touch README
>     aclocal
>     cd ..
> done; autoreconf --install --force --verbose

Alternatively you can just do that for the makedat subdir, as there's no
reason to regenerate things in other subdirs if you didn't touch any .in
or .am files.

You really need to take this up on the courier list.  There are probably
other things that will come up in the build, as this is a large piece of
software.  I do not have time to figure out every problem for you, and
the people on the courier list know their own software a lot better than
I do (having never looked at it before.)  It's rare that a large program
can be ported to Cygwin without some changes.  Usually they're a lot of
small and minor things but you never know, and I'm afraid it's not the
kind of thing that you can expect someone to walk you through step by
step on a mailing list.


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