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Re: Installing Courier-Imap

Brian Dessent wrote:
Kees Vonk wrote:

Okay, the .la is just the libtool version of an .a file.  That's all
fine and good.

gcc -I./.. -I.. -Wall -g -O2 makedatprog.c -o makedatprog

This is your problem.  make is invoking an implicit rule for
makedatprog, rather than the one specified by the Makefile which
contains all the required libs.  This happens when the Makefile doesn't
use $(EXEEXT) for names of executables.  It doesn't matter under linux
because binares have no extensions but it's required for Cygwin.  You
probably need to change to


...and then autoreconf to regenerate all the files.  There may be other
cases where a binary name is referenced without $(EXEEXT) that you will
have to correct.  You should take this up on the courier list though.

I started with a new source tree, removed AC_PROG_SYSCONFTOOL from (otherwise autoreconf fails as it is not defined anywhere, maybe I shouldn't do this, but if I don't remove it is just throws up a warning when running configure).

Fixed makedat/ to look like:


# $Id:,v 1.5 2004/09/08 01:27:34 mrsam Exp $
# Copyright 1998 - 2004 Double Precision, Inc.  See COPYING for
# distribution information.

AUTOMAKE = srcdir=${srcdir} @SHELL@ ${srcdir}/../automake.fix @AUTOMAKE@



makedatprog_LDADD=@dblibrary@ @LIBGDBM@ @LIBDB@


Then I ran the following commands:


for file in $(ls -l | grep ^d | cut -c45- | grep -v cache)
   cd $file
   touch AUTHORS
   touch ChangeLog
   touch NEWS
   touch README
   cd ..
done; autoreconf --install --force --verbose

./configure --without-authldap



But the result is still the same makedat fails exactly the same, what am I doing wrong.

Sorry for this long drawn out problem.


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