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Re: Losing track of processes?

"Shaffer, Kenneth" wrote:

> > If you're not using the -17 (test) version of bash, try that.
> Wow!  Much better!  My scripts are still churning after 4 hours. When will
> this be part of an offical cygwin drop?

Well, it's already "official" in that it's been on all the cygwin
mirrors for quite some time.  But it's marked as a test version so you
don't get it by default.  I think the initial reason was that it
contained patches that had not been fully tested yet and with a package
like bash you don't want to release untested code until you're sure it's

However, that was in November, so it's been a good 5 months or so in
that state.  Another issue here is that the current bash maintainer is
very busy and has limited access to a Windows machine.  There has been
talk of another person volunteering to step in and get version 3
packaged and released, but so far nothing has come of it.


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