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Re: BASH_VERSION vs cygcheck

On Thu, 14 Apr 2005, Shaffer, Kenneth wrote:

> Should the version info provided by "echo $BASH_VERSION" match the bash
> version displayed by "cygcheck -cd"? If not, is there some way to verify
> that the bash I'm really running is the version displayed by cygcheck?

If you're running a bash that was installed via Cygwin setup, the version
reported by cygcheck should correlate with the value of BASH_VERSION (the
cygcheck-reported version should contain the Cygwin release number, and
$BASH_VERSION may contain extra bits of version info).  IOW, if "cygcheck
-cd bash" reports version 2.05b-17, $BASH_VERSION will probably contain
something like 2.05b.0(1)-release.  The bash executable is unlikely to
know about the Cygwin release number (though it's up to the maintainer
whether it does or not).

> Or, does cygcheck gets its version info from within the executable?

No, cygcheck uses the version of the "bash" package that was installed via
Cygwin setup.  If you installed your own version of bash over the one
installed by setup, cygcheck will probably report incorrect information.
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