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RE: 1.5.14-1: child died

----Original Message----
>From: Oliver Vecernik
>Sent: 14 April 2005 10:41

> Hi,
> I'm not sure what happened, but if I start Cygwin for a certain
> restricted user I receive the following message:
>       9 [main] bash 3624 fork_parent: child 2756 died waiting for
> longjmp before initialization
> bash: fork: Bad file descriptor
> bash-2.05b$
> Everything worked fine, nothing was installed or changed in my
> configuration. Interestingly it works for other restricted users and for
> my admin account. Can anybody give me a clue what's going on?

  Well, what that message means is that for some reason, the child process
failed to notify the parent of its existence within a reasonable amount of
time after it was spawned.  That could mean that it died for some reason, or
it could mean that it was alive, but failed to notify the parent process.

  Hmm, would any of the lead developers care to comment on the accuracy of
this comment from the front of ?

/* Notify parent that it is time for the next step.
   Note that this has to be a macro since the parent may be messing with
   our stack. */
static void __stdcall
sync_with_parent (const char *s, bool hang_self)

  I do hope that's just an old-and-out-of-date comment.

  Anyway, it could also be a permissions problem: maybe because its a
restricted user, the child process is in some way prevented from accessing
the object created by the parent and it can't notify it.  But that's just
guesswork.  I think your next most informative option might be to use
"strace -t"; that should let you see if there are any obvious errors
occurring in the child.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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