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RE: Running Cygwin on Windows 2003 Server via remote desktop


I'm having this problem as well. Specifically, I'm getting the following
errors for non-privileged users logging in via Remote Desktop to Windows
Server 2003:

When I click on the Cygwin Icon:

      2 [main] bash 6544 fork_parent: child 5496 died waiting for longjmp
before initialization
	bash: fork: Bad file descriptor

When I run a cygwin app from the DOS Prompt:
	C:\cygwin\bin\ls.exe (6944): *** could not load user32, Win32 error

If the same user logs in locally everything works fine. If I add the user to
the Administrator Group everything works fine. 

Cygwin was working when I originally installed it. The problem started when
I installed SSH server on the machine. The SSH server works fine. I suspect
it had to do with upgrading the Cygwin packages and not the SSH
installation, since I tried a clean install and it did not help. However it
may also be related to a Windows Patch, but I didn't notice it was broken
before the install.

Here's what I've tried. This thread seemed promising:

But I tried "chmod a+x /bin/*.dll" and "setfacl -m d:m:rwx,d:g:rwx,d:o:r-x
/bin" to no avail.

I also tried walking through the local security policy and granting the user
all the privileges of the sshd and sshd_server users, and all the
Administrator privileges that seemed relevant.

My cygcheck.out is attached. Any help would be appreciated.

- Nathan
Nathan Potter 
DF Young 
Internet Integration Consultant 

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