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Re: Bash Process Substitution

Brian Dessent wrote:
> If I'm not mistaken /proc/<pid>/fd capabilty was added 2005-02-01.  The
> current bash package (2.05b-16) was released 2003-10-23.  (the test
> version -17 was released 2004-11-22.)  So it was quite impossible for
> the person who built bash to have that feature.

Thanks for this piece of info, Brian. It saved me from barking up
completely the wrong tree. Things are becoming clearer. I guess what
happened is that the binary build of bash used fifos, which have only ever
been partially implemented in cygwin, and although at one point in the
past they worked well enough for process substitution's needs, in the
meantime the implementation has changed sufficiently to break that. The
version of bash that I built uses /proc/self/fd, which is a brand spanking
new feature that also doesn't quite work in terms of process substitution
on output. (Is this all plausible?)

Its either that, or process substituion never worked at all on cygwin, my 
memory is completely flawed, and these nifty scripts I have here were 
copied from a non-cygwin box. (This is certainly plausible.)


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