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Re: cygwin on Mac: files in Virtual PC "shared folder"

On Apr 14 10:54, Ashley Ward wrote:
> 2) The '\' character used in Windows share names is an escape character 
> to bash -- so the example "mount \\pollux\home\joe\data /data" in the 
> cygwin manual (example 3.10) is misleading.  For me, that style of 
> example gives error messages about "/data", not the Windows share 
> (actually the cause of the problem), which doesn't help.  I do see the 
> mentions in manual around that point about using the Windows command 
> shell (presumably with the cygwin bin in the PATH?) and also about 
> using '/' rather than '\', but it doesn't seem very clear to me -- 
> perhaps the example could be changed to "mount '\\pollux\home\joe\data' 
> /data"?

Erm... *cough, cough*, you're not a slave of the user manual, right?
Why not just try it?  Using forward slashes or \\ in bash seems quite
natural to me.


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