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Re: cygwin X on XP

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005, beau wrote:

> Hi all,
> Do folks really fire up, say, windows XP, then fire up cygwin, then
> run linux-ish X apps from cygwin?

Yes, with one correction: first fire up Windows, then fire up *the X
server* (which may or may not be Cygwin/X), and then run X apps from

> Is it much harder than anything else I've done?

I don't know -- what have you done? ;-)
Why not just try it?

> What I'd be most interested in is integration of browser-webmail-gpg
> that I had with my old setup.  Is that a fairly straightforward task?

Impossible to say without knowing exactly what you mean by "my old setup".
In any case, questions specific to using X with Cygwin should be asked on
the cygwin-xfree list, which is dedicated to exactly that sort of
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