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offtopic helmet polishing (was Re: rm fails to remove symbolic links to directories)

On 4/13/05, Corinna Vinschen <> replied to
someone else:
> $ ln -s blah blub

I've poked around the fringes of the linux world since my first
attempts at cgi in '96; ran my first linux box in '99 (dual boot imac
rev c with MacOS9 and linuxppc-1999).  But I'm a dilettante.  Which is
why I need so much help.  Which is why I've tried so many forums, chat
rooms, mailing lists, distros.  Without a doubt or a reservation, this
cygwin list is the most responsive, helpful resource I have ever had
the pleasure to rely on.  You and Brian and Igor, to name names that
jump to the top of my head, routinely make things possible, with never
a hint that the problem is too basic for your attention.  With your
help (and that's all of you list members) I have been able
to keep the feel and flavor of linux even while consigned to XP.

Thought I should say thanks.


Robert Thomas ("beau") Hayes Link
Open your heart, pray for peace, preach healing

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