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Re: Problems when installing Cygwin (related to cygwin1.dll)

At 02:54 AM 4/13/2005, you wrote:
>2. We reverted then to an older downloaded cygwin which we with success
>installed on a number of PCs.  After installing this on the new machine we
>get the
>following message when starting a bash terminal:
>  "The procedure entry point _impure_ptr could not be located in the
>dynamic link
> library cygwin1.dll".
>3. Clicking through these error messages (caused by uname.exe,
>sort.exe,cat.exe and id.exe) everything appears to be fine.


>Does anyone know why this is happening 

Sure.  Sounds like you just installed the older version of the Cygwin DLL
with all the current versions of all the other packages.  The older DLL
doesn't have the _impure_ptr symbol that the new executables expect.  If
you're going to stick with the downgraded version of the Cygwin DLL, you'll
need some matching era packages to go with it.  But there's no reason to 
go to all that trouble.  Just rerun 'setup.exe' and upgrade the Cygwin 
package (and only the Cygwin package).  The upgrade should go smoothly
and the result will be what you want.  Of course, if you're running any 
cygwin app or service when you upgrade, you won't see the benefits until 
you reboot.

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746                     

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