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Re: maintaining bash

David Dindorp wrote:
Jokes aside, I can't respond to the fact that you don't believe
a word I say with anything else than "you obviously don't have
a clue".

Chris wasn't saying he didn't believe anything you say. Chris has infinitely more credibility when it comes to judgements of Cygwin complexity than you, and he simply indicated that he believes your claim was wrong. It's unfortunate that you were insulted to have this pointed out to you, but it's true.

I've no idea whether you snort because it's more or it's less complex,

It's clearly less complex. Linux is an operating system. Cygwin is a shell on top of an operating system; a rather thick shell in places, but just a shell nevertheless.

One might argue that Win32+Cygwin is more complex than Linux, but that's really academic, because the Win32 part isn't open to change. It's a constant in the function, so when differentiating it (i.e. finding the complexity slope) it goes to zero.

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