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Re: irc

beau wrote:

> On Apr 12, 2005 2:43 PM, beau <> wrote:
> > When I tried irssi at the command line I got
> > "command not found."
> Sorry for the noise; irssi.exe was buried deep at
> /home/Me/irssi-0.8.0/src/fe-text/irssi.exe; I'm sure this the expected
> behavior and that the lack is mine.  All I need to do is alias in my
> .bashrc, right?

That is one way, but the usual way is to do "make install" after the
program is built which copies the binaries to $prefix/bin.  If you
didn't specify $prefix when configuring, it's probably /usr/local, which
means it will be installed into /usr/local/bin which is the usual place
for locally compiled/installed binaries.  I don't know if Cygwin's
default profile adds /usr/local/bin to the path, if not you'd want to
add it and then do "make install".  This will also take care of manpages
and so on so that "man irssi" will work as well.  It's a lot cleaner
than running it from the build directory.


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