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Re: Strange behaviour of Openssh

At 11:55 AM 4/12/2005, you wrote:
>I encounter some strange stuff when I try to connect to openssh on my
>server (which is using cygwin) using openssh clients (using cygwin
>The connection is perfect when I have no public keys at all on the
>client side. But as soon as I get any key (dsa or rsa generated using
>ssh-keygen ) on the client side the connection can never been
>established and I receive the message "Read from the socket failed :
>Connection reset by peer". When I am debugging it in verbose mode, the
>log of client last lines are :
>debug3 : send_pubkey_test
>debug2 : we sent a publickey packet, wait for reply
>Read from the socket failed : Connection reset by peer
>I have absolutly nothing on the server log....

Stop the server, add '-d -d -d' as flags to the server (by editing the registry, uninstalling the service and reinstalling with these flags, or 
just installing a new debug service), restart it and try it again.  The 
server will stop after this attempt but you will get information in the 
log with debugging output.  That should help.

Larry Hall                    
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