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Re: Change Default Text File Format after installation

Well, I only need a solution for my special case *now*, so it's okay for
me if mounts are going to be stored anywhere else in the future. My
problem is: I've set "Default Text File Format" to "Unix" during setup.
Now I just want to change my Cygwin installation as if I had specified
"DOS" instead.

You can simply re-run setup in the "Keep" mode and change the filesystem type to "DOS"...

I tried that, but I always used VIM to see if it worked ... I didn't know VIM (being a text editor) always creates files in binary mode.

mount -sbc /cygdrive

Thanks. I've changed all my mounts to "textmode".

Including the cygdrive prefix?

I also re-mounted the drives without "cygdrive" prefix, if that's what you mean.

What I don't get: If I now create a file using VIM and look at it
afterwards using "od -c", it still contains \n instead of \r\n line
ends. Why is that?

Because VIm always creates files in binary mode, IIRC (perhaps because it is linked with binmode.o, not automode.o?). Try ":set fileformat=dos" before saving the file. You can also put the above command in your ~/.vimrc.

Strange: "set fileformat=dos" works in the editor, but not when entered into ".vimrc" (other commands in there work).

Sebastian Schuberth

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