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Re: Deadlocked cygrunsrv processes with strace message "_cygtls::remove: wait 0x0"

On Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 01:20:52PM +0100, Max Bowsher wrote:
>Max Bowsher wrote:
>>Something about Apache 2 is causing its controlling cygrunsrv service
>>process to deadlock within the Cygwin DLL when it attempts to exit.
>>Attaching with strace to the hung process shows "_cygtls::remove: wait 
>>Signals sent to the hung process are not delivered (as shown by strace), 
>>a kill -9 will succeed.
>>Attaching with gdb does show anything that looks promising.
>>Does anyone have any suggestions that could save me some time, compared to
>>an in-depth study of the Cygwin DLL code in this area?
>Ummmmm. Oh. Dear.
>Since gdb backtrace wasn't helpful, I decided to try single stepping in gdb 
>onwards from the last strace output.
>I found out that _cygtls.remove is being called successfully from 
>dll_entry(DLL_THREAD_DETACH), which returns, and the hang finally occurs 
>inside ZwTerminateThread() !!!
>What now? Do I scream and give up?

That's what I'd suggest.


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