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Re: snapshot verification please

>Please try the latest snapshot.
Hi group,

Unfortunately the newest cygwin.dll snapshot:

CYGWIN_NT-5.1 WAW0968D 1.5.15s(0.126/4/2) 20050408 16:35:04 i686 unknown
unknown Cygwin

does not solved my problem.

Background: I use a bash script that helps to compute 100 seti work units in 
offline mode. As you probably know seti process consumes all the available 
CPU time (it also eats about 15 MB of RAM), but it's priority is low, so the 
overall performance is not so much lowered.

Test case: I am starting bash script, which takes a look into the 
directories with work units and then it starts seti process in the first 
directory containing work_unit.sah file. The bash script works in 
foreground, so I can easily stop seti process by simply pressing Ctrl-C.
With versions prior to 1.5.12 stopping my script took lower than 1 second, 
with newer ones it takes minutes. Rxvt window freezes. When I click on it 
the cursor turns into sand-glass and the rxvt window gets additional text 
"(Not responding)" in caption. It also happened that seti process did not 
close the result_header.sah file correctly, so next time it had to start 
form scratch - hours of computations were lost.

Because of above problem I have rolled back to 1.5.12 by swapping cygwin 


Tomasz Rojek

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