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Re: maintaining bash


> If you are still willing then you've got the job.
Alright, I'm on - despite a rough start!

> There is one potential problem in that we may need to adapt Pierre's
> patch to prevent problems with pid reuse to 3.0 if it is released.
How do I go about Pierre's pid patch?

> The next step is to create a package and offer it on the cygwin-apps 
> mailing list.
> Please look at the archives for examples of how this is done.
I'm a total virgin at this. I'm afraid I need help, professional help!
Right now I'm looking at, as well as what ships 
with the binary and source distribution of the current cygwin bash.
Looks like bash2.x install in /usr/bin while bash3.x installs in 
/usr/local/bin. Is that ok?

As to Andrew Schulman's complaint about the "extra-space-after-the-prompt" 
bug (, first 
reported at, 
I believe to have fixed the problem. How do I about getting this fix (if we 
conclude that it is indeed working) back into mainstream bash?


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