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Jamiil Abdullah-Alkadir wrote:

> I have finally got an application to compile under cygwin, but to run it I
> have to launch the X server, 'startx' to be able to run the program under
> cygwin. However, I am not able to run the program form windows, I have added
> the 'cygwin.dll' and 'cygX11-6.dll' directories to the 'autoexec.bat'
> '%path%'. the program just does not run. What can I do to get this fixed?

What precisely do you mean by "I am not able to run the program from
windows"?  How are you trying to run it, clicking on its .exe icon? 
What happens?  Do you get an error or any kind of message?  You haven't
given enough information about the problem you're having.

I doubt you'll ever be able to just click on the .exe and have it work. 
X11 applications require an X server, so the minimal amount that would
be required would be a .bat file (or a .sh file or a .cmd file or a
launcher program or ...) that launches the X server with the correct
options and then runs the program.

Also, this is more appropriate for the cygwin-xfree list if this is an
X11 program.  Please send replies there.


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