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Re: lilypond-doc-2.4.3-1 using setup.exe 2.457.2.1 fails to display music images

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

This may have to do with the pictures for the split version of the
INFO and HTML documentation being symbolic links, but I'd be surprised
if setup or tar did not fix those.

Can you verify that the pictures are OK with in the one-big-page, ie,
something like


Yes, I verified this page works correctly in firefox and internet explorer as described in detail below.

or using a Cygwin browser that supports pictures (do we have one, w3m?).

On my machine cygwin is installed on the f: disk. After reading your message I noticed the following:

1) I go to the directory, F:\cygwin\usr\share\doc\lilypond-2.4.3-1 in windows XP explorer and double click on index.html. 2) This fires up my browser and redirects the browser to file:///f:/cygwin/usr/share/doc/lilypond-2.4.3-1/Documentation/out-www/index.html
3) I select any link and it takes me to an HTML page. If that page is supposed to have music, it instead displays "[image of music]"
4) When I tried the one-big-page equivalent that you asked me to test it instead takes me to:
5) I noticed the difference in address you suggested and my one-big-page html. The only difference is that mine has the extra "lilypond" subdirectory in its path.
6) I removed the extra directory so that it matched your suggested path except it is on my f: drive. And that displayed all the music CORRECTLY rather than the "[image of music]" fall back display message.
7) I did not exhaustively explore the lilypond-2.4.3-1 subdirectories and html files, but as far as I can tell, the one-big-page html in the out-www directory is the ONLY html page that displays the music correctly.

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