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Re: maintaining bash

Dave Korn wrote:
>>>> If you can tell me how to proceed from here, I'd be happy to throw
>>>> in a bunch of manhours to try and find out what's wrong.
>> Obviously, if I were able to produce a simple testcase, I would have.
>> Duh ;-).
> There's nothing _obvious_ about that at all.  It would be a false
> inference on my part to try and deduce that, because you have not
> PPASTed before, you would necessarily be unable to do so in the
> future.[*]

Inference, schminference.
I have posted a test case in the past, so your point is moot.

I consider it common sense to PPAST if you can, but believe me, in this
situation it's pretty darn hard.

> Furthermore, it seems to me that if you have some manhours to spend,
> but not the lifetimes you feel it would require to get to grips with
> debugging the problem at a deep level,

I've tried my best to give out all the information I could in the
postings I've made to this group, and I've received no help. Except for
a (very kind, thank you) explanatory e-mail from you on stack traces.

With that "no help" mentioned going in my direection, I'd have to get to
a deep level not of my problem as you mention, but of Cygwin.  Cygwin is
as complex as a Linux kernel.  That's a pretty big task if you ask me.

> then spending those hours trying
> to create a simple testcase might be the most productive use you could
> put them to.

It's just not possible.

Somewhat paradoxical, the only way I can prove to you that THAT's true
is for you to actually try and DO produce a test case; whereafter you
will come to the conclusion that your words were hasty and your skills

If your fingers are itching for mathematical proof that I'm not lying
about the impossibility of producing a test case, I can probably get
you remote access to a test box ;-).

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