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Re: I cannot change cygdrive prefix (yes, checked docs, faq and archives)


On Fri, 8 Apr 2005, Brian Dessent wrote:

> ChrisW wrote:
> > Nothing I can change the cygdrive prefix.  I recall
> > being able to do it before.
> You're getting confused because you can set the cygdrive prefix both
> system-wide and per-user, and the latter takes precedent.
> > c: on /cygdrive/c type user (binmode,noumount)
> > y: on /cygdrive/y type user (binmode,noumount)
> ^^^ note "user"
> > /> mount -s -b --change-cygdrive-prefix /
> ^^^ note "-s" meaning change the system-wide mount
> So, you're changing the system-wide cygdrive prefix but since you have a
> user-defined cygdrive prefix it is taking precedent.  I believe this was
> a recent change which is why you are seeing it now.

Yes! There was a change in October 2004 which allowed the system prefix to
be used no matter that a user prefix was specified. This is not the
expected behaviour and it was changed in Cygwin 1.5.14 to work as it used
to be in the past.

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