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Re: ipc, sockets and windows sp2

it works for me too for the testcase i provided last time.

But there is still some issues when you run several semaphore-using
program at the same time.

Again the thread synchronization was the culprit. I reworked it once again and I ran your testcase 5 times concurrently with different sleep values, some in the same, some in different directories. It works for me again. Please test and tell me that it solves all your problems and nothing's left, ok?

It solves all my problems and nothing's left ;)

There is a strange stuff, but it won't perturb me :
when i run my master/slaves programs, then run the testcase at the same time and kill it, the slave may have a socket read error if it was reading on the socket at the same time that testcase is launched.

So i have to tune slave so i don't quit on socket read, but retry to read on the socket, and it's fine, as the socket read will fail only when the testcase is launched.

Anyway, reproducing this would imply a server-and-client testcase, exchanging data on their socket, and using IPC, like the testcase I provided, and it depends on the children number. Just note it.

Tuned like this, I made a test with a 1000 frames task, a local and remote slave, everything was ok, even when I ran two testcases at the same time I ran master and slave, so I'm verry happy,

and I thank you so much for the great work you did.


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