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Re: Trouble with Cygwin note posting

On Fri, 8 Apr 2005, John Sellers wrote:

> What is the correct mailing list command-address format?  In particular,
> I can't seem to get the syntax right for message index so I can use it
> correctly in various contexts.
> Here is the message of interest:

The number of the message in the web archives has no correlation with the
number of the message as ezmlm sees it (in fact, the archiving is done by
a totally separate process, IIRC).  To get at the ezmlm message number,
click on the "Raw text" link at the top of the archived message.  The
first line should read something like

>From cygwin-return-105908-listarch-cygwin=sourceware dot org at cygwin dot com Thu Apr 07 02:58:28 2005

(this is for your message of interest above).  So, the ezmlm number is
105908, and sending e-mail to <cygwin-thread.105908<at>cygwin<dot>com>
returns the expected message(s).

> And here are the formats that I have tried, all of which have failed:
>   cygwin-thread.265@XXXXXX.XXX ->  qmail returns message failure
>   cygwin-thread.00265@XXXXXX.XXX ->  qmail returns message failure
>   cygwin-thread.msg00265@XXXXXX.XXX ->  Subject: cygwin Digest of: thread.msg00265 ->  message: Sorry, that message is not in the archive.
> Please note that the "WELCOME to cygwin@XXXXXX.XXX" help is not specific
I would say <>, but the above is
obviously a manually entered address.  The acronym entry would still make
for an entertaining and useful read, IMO.

> enough on this point to eliminate the failed examples as being wrong.
> I've also found the ezmlm manual and what I found was not specific
> enough to solve the problem.

FWIW, if you only want one message, you can simply use the raw text (after
some preprocessing) to produce the message in mbox format (search the
archives for "replying archives" -- I've posted a recipe for this more
than once).
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