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Re: vim display funny character under cygwin

On Fri, 8 Apr 2005, ERIC HO wrote:

> Hi there, not sure whether this is a cygwin or vim issue. I have a file
> that contains "hello" (note it's really a upside down ,,). When I cat
> the file, it displays correctly like when I use notepad. But when I'm in
> vim editing the file, it shows up as ~Shello~T.

The above is expected behavior.  You're trying to get Vim to open a file
in an encoding that it doesn't know how to display (UTF-8?), so it
substitutes its own character combinations (and colors, if you're in a
color terminal) for those characters that aren't defined in the current
terminal encoding.

You can get Vim to convert the characters for you, provided you set the
correct 'termencoding' and 'fileencoding' combination.  For more
information, run ":help 'termencoding'" and ":help 'fileencoding'" from
inside Vim.

> Very likely it's not a cygwin issue. I'd appreciate if someone has any
> suggestion for me. Thanks. Note: I'm running the latest cygwin packages.

One more point: as described in <>, the
best way of reporting the status of your installation is by attaching (as
an uncompressed text *attachment*) the output of "cygcheck -svr".  You
probably don't need to do it in this particular case, though, unless you
have other Cygwin-related problems or the answer above is not
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