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Re: Symlinks don't work in python???


    >   (3) Thinking that the realpath bug might be a key
    >       to the python import-thru-symlinks problem,
    >       I ran a simple test on recent cygwin/python
    >       combinations, finding:
    >       Cygwin version  Python version  realpath  Import
    >              1.5.xx:           2.yy:    Works?  Works?
    >       --------------  --------------  --------  ------
    >               1.5.14             2.4        NO      NO
    >               1.5.13           2.3.4       YES      NO
    >               1.5.14           2.3.4       YES      NO
    >               1.5.12             2.4        NO     YES
    >               Neither bug shows up under Linux.
    > Interestingly, the realpath and symlink bugs don't
    > correlate: realpath seems broken in Cygwin python 2.4,
    > independently of the cygwin package version, while
    > the import bug shows up in either python version under
    > cygwin packages since 1.5.13.
    > Its possible that the problems are python bugs, but they
    > seem cygwin specific.

    Steve, try also the latest cygwin snapshot. At least in 1.5.14 was a bug
    concerning path conversion posix <-> Windows, when a symlink was involved.
    It manifests in at least in cygpath, but is fixed meanwhile and might also
    have influence on your test cases.

    - Joerg

Joerg - thanks for the suggestion.  I tried the latest
cygwin1.dll snapshot; both bugs still show up.

- Steve

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