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Re: maintaining bash

Jonathan Arnold wrote:

> Hans Horn wrote:
> > Oops - didn't see this one! Just posted offer as bash voluteer myself!
> > Was looking for bash 3.0 in the archives.
> > If  Jonathan still wants to maintain bash 3.0, of course, I will withdraw my
> > offer.
> Yeah, sorry, I just haven't been able to get to it - crunch time here at
> work.  If you want to give it a whirl, feel free, Hans.

Just so everyone is clear here... The current bash maintainer is Ronald
Landheer-Cieslak, who was still around and answering bash questions as
of Feb: <>.  He has
said repeatedly that he has been busy and without access to a windows
machine, which is probably why there have been few bash updates.  On the
other hand, he has also said nothing to indicate that he does not wish
to continue maintaining bash.  Furthermore, threads in the past have
expressed the fact that 2.05b has been very stable and both Ronald and
others have agreed that any major changes in bash would have to be done
very carefully so as not to cause instability.

I have CC:d this to the cygwin-apps list which is where discussion of
packaging should take place.


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