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Re: Shared id cygwin1.dll

Elin Aronsen wrote:

> I have just installed a cygwin, see cygcheck attached. I get a warning
> of several cygwin1.dll in the path, see cygcheck. I am aware of that
> cygwin1.dll if it starts automatically shall create most of the mount
> table entries. However, I did not find all in
> HKEY-CURRENT-USER\Software\Cygnus Solutions\ in the
> registry - some in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Cygnus solutions
> were taken from the internet. How can I correct this ? Greatful for
> answer.

At some point you must have installed some software that used an ancient
b15 copy of the cygwin DLL.  You can just delete the entire
because it is not used by the current Cygwin DLL at all.  The only
reason it's reported when you run cygcheck is because cygcheck searches
the registry for keys with 'Cygwin' in the name when you supply -r. 
Though, if you still have that piece of software that uses the ancient
cygwin DLL installed, the key will come back if you run it again.  I
don't think the current DLL is in any way compatible with the old Bxx
series, so that's why the naming of the registry keys was changed.


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