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Re: starting apache with cygwin 1.5.13 or 1.5.14

On Thu, 7 Apr 2005, Rainer Kirsch wrote:

> Is there anyone successfully using apache with cygwin 1.5.13 or 1.5.14 ?

Define "successfully".  I use apache to serve files and web pages on my
Win XP laptop.  CGI scripts run.  I don't have extra modules like mod_php,
mod_perl, etc loaded.

> If yes please let us know which starting command you are using.
> Please provide us with the full command line
> (also of the install command if you use cygrunsrv)

cygrunsrv -I httpd -d "CYGWIN apache" -p /usr/sbin/httpd -a "-F" -e "CYGWIN=check_case:strict ntsec notitle binmode nosmbntsec notty" -e "PATH=/usr/bin:/bin" -t manual -o

I'm sure you can get away with not using "notitle", "notty", or
"check_case:strict".  BTW, "ntsec" is the default.  My httpd.conf is
pretty much the default one -- the only (possibly) significant change is
"Group Guests" instead of "Group #-1".

> Please enclose a package list of the actual installed packages -
> it may help to detect which applications coexist with apache.

"uname -svr" returns "CYGWIN_NT-5.1 1.5.14(0.126/4/2) 2005-04-01 13:40".
"cygcheck -cd cygwin apache" returns

Cygwin Package Information
Package              Version
apache               1.3.29-2
cygwin               1.5.14-1

I think every package should coexist peacefully with apache.  If you have
trouble, you will be better off describing the exact symptoms that you're
experiencing, and providing information about *your* system as described
in <>, rather than polling this list for
working installations.
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