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RE: 1.5.14-1 cygwin1.dll could not be found

At Wednesday, April 06, 2005 3:38 PM, Shankar Unni wrote:
> Morche Matthias wrote:
>> cygwin1.dll not found comes up during the update of cygwin
> This is a common problem, if you're updating a bunch of packages
> including cygwin all together, and one of the packages has an
> uninstall script that runs some other cygwin binary.
> Setup normally downloads everything (that was selected), uninstalls
> everything, and then re-installs everything. Where things go wrong is
> in the order of these uninstalls and re-installs.
> What happens is that sometimes, cygwin gets uninstalled before some of
> the other packages, so when that other package's uninstall script gets
> run, it can't find cygwin1.dll (which has just been removed).
> Normally, clicking OK on the error and letting the installation
> continue results in a usable system. (most packages' post-install
> configuration changes don't radically change between releases..)
> It's mostly cosmetic. It would be nice (WIBNI?) if setup always sorted
> packages specially so that "cygwin" would always be the last thing
> uninstalled and the first thing installed when a mixture of packages
> is selected for upgrade.

Might it be simpler than a sort to implement, and work just as well, to have
	run pre-uninstall scripts
	run post-install scripts
one package at a time rather than
	download all
	run all pre-uninstall scripts
	uninstall all
	install all
	run all post-install scripts
That might increase the time that one would have to stay connected over
dial-up, but since the time spent running scripts is small compared with the
download time over dial-up that it shouldn't matter.

This might also help a bit handling interrupted downloads when a number of
packages are being downloaded.  If the download failed after one or more
packages were successfully downloaded and installed, setup would not have to
restart from the beginning.

I know, PTC, but I'm not a programmer ...

And just for the record, I think that setup is OK, considering everything
that it has to do.  (That assumes that the user is not vision/mouse
impaired, in which case it is !@#$%^ unusable.)  I grant that it takes some
getting used to.  But if people would read the documentation and play with
the program, they might get it to work in less time than it takes to compose
the complaints.  (Please note that the preceding is in the spirit of
acknowledging all the work that has gone into setup and its supporting
scripts and thanking all the people who have contributed.  It is in no way
intended to solicit rebuttals from those with different opinions setup.)

- Barry

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