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Re: setup keeps installing gcc 3.3.3-3

Steve Kelem wrote:

> I am using the latest cygwin and trying to install gcc-3.4.1-1.
> Each time I run setup, it tries to install 3.3.3-3 even though 3.4.1-1
> is current!
> Each time I deselect gcc-ada, it gets re-selected the next time I run setup.
> When I run gcc, gcc reports that it's version 3.3.3.  Setup says it's
> 3.4.1-1.

3.3.3 is marked as the current version, with 3.4.1 as a test (or "exp")
version.  I'm not sure why exactly that is, but probably because of some
outstanding question as to the stability of 3.4.1.

That aside, setup.exe always starts out in "curr" mode, and will try to
select the "curr" version of every package.  You will have to manually
deal with "test" packages that you want to keep installed.  It's kind of
annoying, but the test releases are not meant for general consumption so
it's assumed that if you're using one you'll know how to handle it in


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