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Re: Overriding the default HOME priority settings

Pat Cahalan wrote:

IIRC $HOME is set in /etc/profile. You can easily change /etc/profile to do what you like. What I used to do is make one /etc/profile then everybody symlinked to it.

Unfortunately, that won't work for us here, since Cygwin is primarily used by CS people who want a UNIX environment on their laptop, without giving up the native Windows installations. VMWare and Linux isn't a solution for everybody, since they also want a decent shell environment in Windows (and let's face it the Windows command line lacks elegance).

Since the portables aren't always connected to the network (and oftentimes are connected outside of our SMB/NFS export range when they *are* on the network), they need to have a local $HOME, even when they're logging into their portable using cached domain credentials.

2. Change the master /etc/profile to get/set $HOME from /etc/passwd (that is the symlinked master /etc/passwd).

I'll have to have /etc/profile local to the machine in question, but to clarify, this method will override the domain map as the "first preference"?

I wrote a nice reply to this but accidently hit the "it's OK to send in HTML" button and because this list disallows HTML it got lost. Too bad. To summarize, if your CS dept says then all important things like home directories should reside on the server (and I agree with them on that) then these disconnected laptops are violating that rule. Look into using MS Windows offline files and ActiveSync to resolve that problem. As for symlink, use copies instead - but then you'll have to work out for yourself how to keep things up to date.
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