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Re: cygwin install problem

wangtie wrote:

> i download all file needed in cygwin webpage.
> and make a iso ,so our institute can use it easily.
> but to my surprise , during installation in local , it seems nothing wrong.
> but it doesn't run at all
> when i click the shortcut on desktop, a dos shell begin,and say cygwin is not a  internal command and so on.
> i add path in system var, and still nothing happen.
> what shall i do next.

You weren't really clear as to what exactly you're doing.

If you're downloading the raw packages to a CDR, running setup.exe on
every machine, choosing "Install From Local Directory", and entering the
location of the CDR, then it should work fine.  This is the only method
that cygwin was designed to support.

If you're installing to a local machine, burning that install directory
to CDR, taking that out of the drive, putting it into another system,
and then trying to run Cygwin from there (as a live CD) then it almost
certainly won't work.  Some people have experimented with this method
and been successfull in creating a "Cygwin live CD" but it takes a
little bit of work.  I don't have a URL handy but search the mailing
list archives and you should find messages describing what all was
required with this method.


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